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Last Saturday a buddy and myself killed 8 Widgeon and left by noon. The Key here is Weather #1 and Tide #2. Tide isnt as big a deal of you have a fastgrass blind or a nice little layout boat. I have hunted The duck now for about 7 years and it is either hot or its not. I call last Saturday a not kind of day as others out there hunting did poorly. We hand picked the perfect location though and we were out there a full 2 hours before legal to insure our spot.

Advice for Duckabush....... Dont be a fool like the 2 other guys out there that either couldnt call or were afraid to call. If you dont have calls buy them, practice,practice,practice and then head out into the field and practice on real ducks. If you do call already then you will pull most of the birds out there if those 2 other guys go back.

*Sitting next to decoys that dont make any sounds only works half assed

Good Luck!
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