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Ducks in California??

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Hey there,
I'm in the military and new to the So Cal area and was wondering....WHERE'S THE FOWL??
Any suggestions and tips would be appreciated. :thumbsup:
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In Canada, aye.

This morning we shot 8 (down in So Cali right now). Sacramento does not have any ducks either to speak of.

Jeff Given
Good luck there buddy cum up north and well show you how to hunt
:welcome: to the site and thanks for your service :beer:
Thanks for your service! Some of the bases in Southern California have duck hunting avalible on base - you might check wih the Recreation Department.

Good luck!
Hey OP, I know you're just a one post wonder, and you made this thread 8 years ago... But maybe if we keep responding you'll come back to us.
So Im going to guess here that Beeniebaby is Buffleheadbill .
OGblackcloud said:
So Im going to guess here that Beeniebaby is Buffleheadbill .
No I dont know who that is, im honestly just a guy who likes to hunt and have a little fun every once in a while
WoW nice way to bring a 8 year old thread back to life :hammer:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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