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Great area, beautiful landscape, and a wonderful lake. I love Duluth, and would move back in a heartbeat as well if I could find a teaching job up there. Good hunting too! :thumbsup:

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DuckMN said:
I am seriously considering going to college at UMD. Anybody care to summarize the opportunities a college kid would have up there?
Immeasurable - As a graduate of the recreation program at UMD I highly recommend it. Let's see, not far from th BWCA, good fishing very close. Awesome state land, if you get bored of MN, northern WI offers an easy change of pace. smelt runs, fitger's brewery, the bluegrass night at Sir Ben's. And that's barely the start of it.


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Wanted Older Freezer /Burned Meat (Duluth/Superior area )

I am looking for meat that people are considering throwing away to
make room for fresher ,store bought or game meat . (cleaning out
their freezers /refrigs -older /freezer burned ) Not to mention any
game meat your family just didn't like the taste of :)

I am feeding 2 Golden Retrievers and a Newfoundland dog.My senior ,
rescued , Golden is extremely allergic to ALL grains. We are looking
for any meat except those with injected solutions (ex. some poultry
with added flavor inhansers or salt solutions ),no added spices (ex.
sausage ,hot dogs , balogna ), no smoked meat (ex. sausage , ham ,
bacon )

It does not need to be human grade meat and it does not matter how
old it is . My dogs especially like older game meat .(venison,
elk,bear,buffalo,moose,rabbit ,squirrel
beaver,duck,grouse,goose,quail,wild turkey,pheasant,any game
birds,any fish -whole /filet/heads ,any game heads -venison
heads/with or without antlers,duck heads etc. any game or store
bought organ meats -
ex.liver ,heart,kidney,lungs,esophagus,spleen,pancreas,tongue,cheek
meat,brains, ears, snouts,sweetbreads,lips,oxtails.I would like to
discuss with hunters the possibility of obtaining any "innards " not
stomach or intestines that they normally leave in the field.-ex.
venison heart,lungs,liver etc. Any culls from breeders of

Yes to beef -whole,ground,or parts,turkey (no solution
injections) ,lamb,goat,pork,any store bought or caught fish-except
smoked. yes to veal.You get the picture-They will eat almost
anything !

Please let us help you with your freezer/refrig cleaning needs.
Please pass this request on to family/friends/neighbors/and
especially hunters (in town or elsewhere )We will give them our phone
number/e-mail address for future reference. (hang it on your
freezer :) We will arrange for a pickup location.

Thankyou !!

Jim and Suzie G. and especially our allergic Golden -Delilah (Don't
forget us- Gus- Newf and our Golden puppy-Maggie )

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Hi DangleCity, Suzie G. here (I love these names ! )

I live on Superior St in Duluth ,Mn. If yopu ever have older/freezer burned meat you want to get rid of let me know and pass the word on to your hunting buds.

Thanks !
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