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Early Teal Season

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This place has been quiet for a few days...

How many here take advantage of the early Teal season and where do you usually go and how have you done?

Man, I'm sick of this heat already. My lab looks up at me every evening when I let her in and I swear she's thinking "Daddy, its [email protected]#$%*& hot out there."

Can't wait till Sept 1... Going to pick up my new shotgun next week. I'm about ready to jump out of my skin.
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I've never done any early teal season hunting, but then again this is only my third duck season, so I might jump on it this year.

Thanks for starting some kinda noise in hear. I couldn't think of anything to post and was hoping somebody would have something to say.

I hear ya about the damn heat. I have my own small lawn business, so I die in it. Also if I want to run my dogs, I have to get up at 5AM to do it, because by 8AM it's already 80 degrees outside.
Hello from the north :yes: You got to try the early duck season, I know in Iowa the shooting is fast, and furios. Oh yeah the heat is getting ungodly is'nt it!!! :pissed: Keep shooting at duck's in Mizzu head em off, and send em back north :laughing:
I had pretty good luck in the open area at Four Rivers last season. Opening morning was out of control with hunters and boats. My group of four shot two that morning. Two of us went back out that evening and finished out our limits with less than half the hunters from the morning.

I'm looking forward to scouting some spots along Truman Lake where it still resembles a river rather than a lake. Had a couple good hunts there last year.

I've never gone in the early teal season, but I always see plenty of them at my place but only for the first few weeks of duck season after that they all leave. Just Green Wing around me though I've never seen any Blue Wing or Cinamon. I dont hunt them for a few reasons one is I've heard from a few people that they taste like mud and two its too hot around here when that season is open. I dont like hunting when its still hot out, dont know why just bugs me.
when does teal season start? Me and one of my buddies are plannin on doin a lot of duck hunting this year but we would like to try teal hunting for the first time.

The CA's are usually real good opening morning, as all the hunters keep 'em moving. After that it tails off to mediocre at best. I wouldn't want to get up and fly if it was 80 degrees either. If we don't get some rain soon, it won't matter anyway. Has anybody been to any of the CA's or to their private duck holes? What is the water situation? I think we all need to do a rain dance for August.
I was out on the Mississippi on Monday. Wow was it low. Almost scary low. I'm new to the river so I was scared to go anywhere out of the channel. I saw a river crane standing on this dike that was probably six inches under the water. This dike was probably only 30 feet outside the channel. If it doesn't come up soon, it could be real scary for duck hunters trying to run it at night this fall.
Never have done the Teal thing. It's always hot and the waters are low. How do you guys hunt 'em? Do you decoy 'em or pass shoot while waiting at the holes?
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