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EIC, avoid it or can it be worked with?

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My buddy has a chance at an amazing male black lab, just under two yrs. about $12,000 worth of training.
The dog has EIC, can this be worked with or is this a pass? He can get this dog for $750, plus getting him fixed.

He won't be doing any trials or upland birds, just duck hunting and a companion.
I just read a really good article on the topic, seems like there is still a lot we don't know about it.
I do know some dogs have responded well to medications, which have their own side effects.
In some dogs it becomes less frequent with age. I guess I'm looking for some first hand accounts.
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If you read up on EIC, then you know what the triggers are thought to be. With the qualifiers you gave of what the dog won't be doing, many feel EIC is "manageable." Go beyond those parameters--dove hunting, for example, or training with pressure (multiple marks, blind drills, tight handling, etc.--in short, what the dog dealt with at the trainer's)--and it's my experience that EIC invariably recurs. But for a hunting companion, and with the hunter's awareness of what EIC entails, seems to be a good opportunity to get a nice dog that'll pick up his ducks.

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