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Elk Hunt at Wichita Mountains

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I know this isn't duck hunting but I shot my first cow elk the first day of the hunt around 10 o'clock. I got it back to the check station at around 4 o'clock. She dressed out at 253 lbs. I will post a pic later.
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Wasn't that the best hunting experience you ever had?

I shot mine on day two in 2005 and will never forget it. My hunt was the day we had over 80 mph wind gusts and being on those mountains during that was pretty wild.

Too bad it is only once in a lifetime hunt.
mad7755 said:
Yeah it was pretty awesome. There wasn't any trash or noises. It was pretty peaceful. Lots of wildlife. There was another hunter about 600 yards across a draw that shot his elk about 30 seconds before me and we helped each other pack them out. We were about 600 yards off the road.
I thought the same thing, not a piece of trash anywhere.

You were lucky, mine was about 1 1/2 to 2 miles deep in the mtns.
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