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"Erie" style layout boat questions

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jd_odell* said:
- How do you anchor the boat to where the bow/stern doesn't get pulled under the waves if the water gets kinda rough?
The bow and stern are both anchored. The bow faces upwind and the shooter faces the stern (downwind). My bow anchor line is attached to an eye underneath the bow. This helps the bow ride up over the waves. Here's a pic of the bow:
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I too am thinking about buying / building a layout or sneak boat in the near future.

Adding foam into the hull is a great idea and could well save your life, however no amount of interior foam has any effect on bouyancy until the boat is full of water, and then of course it's going to help keep the boat afloat.

I was thinking of using the expandable insulating foam in the spray cans,...just be careful to allow lots of places where it can expand out of the hull or the space to be filled as it is powerful enough to split apart a hull. I used it around door jambs and if too much is used you might never get that door closed again !!
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