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I used science diet for a few years and then changed to Exclusive. My dog loves it and it is a lower volume food, less waste in the back yard. My dog does very well on it and I noticed an improvement in his coat. I switched after he got a little older and was having a lot of gas problems with other food and noticed a big improvement. He is still a bit of a gas bag, but at 12 years what do you expect. The place I buy my food sells all kinds of food, but the owner recommends the exclusive and uses it himself. I know him so it's not big sales proportion. The cost based on number of meals is less than many alternatives because of the reduced volume you can feed your dog. I also get every 6th bag free. Look at the bags of all the food you are looking at. The list of ingredients is by % with the largest volume listed first. Compare fillers and how much of the good stuff you are getting.
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