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Fathers day?

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Could I please get some help from you guys? I need a really great idea for a fathers day present for my hubby. I'll only be able to spend between $100 and $200. We have a great dog and he has all the camo and guns he needs. ANy ideas would be great. Thanks guys!

Somebodies Wife

P.S. You better answer good cause I might be yours. lol
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i know you're not mine... :getdown:
a gift cetificate to Cabela's, Bass Pro Shop, Sportsmans Wharehouse, etc. etc.
Man...Im in love :yes:
Maybe a gun safe, or, another gun, or, another gun, or, another gun :thumbsup:
Y'all have a nice day! :cool:

:salude: :hammering: :salude: :hammering: :salude: :hammering:
does victoria's secret sell anything in camo?? :eek:
:laughing: I like the gift cetificate idea, or something like a puppy.
Swamp Puppy said:
does victoria's secret sell anything in camo?? :eek:
That hatchie bottom stuff is as close as you'll get, good idea. I'm sure her hubby wouldn't mind that. The gift certificate is a great Idea, and some people keep a wish list on Cabelas website...maybe he's one of 'em? If he is you're in luck. Good luck to you aWife.
I'll have to agree with the rest, the gift certificate is the best that way he gets the gift he wants the most. :thumbsup:
I think what he would really like is to spend more time with you.

Schedule a Saturday during the duck season at the spa where he can get his nails done and his back waxed. Following that, you guys can swing by Starbucks for a Venti nonfat vanilla latte, and then it is off to the mall to look for shoes.

I can't think of a more perfect day.
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :toofunny:
There is no such thing as too much camo or too many guns!
Rat that was funny. "And then off to the mall to look for shoes". HA! she is trying to do something nice...not torture him. I go to the mall once a year. Dec 24, from 7:00 to 7:25. and 15 minutes of that is spent at the bar drinking beer. Tickets to a NASCAR race if that is his thing. That is my idea.
Be careful of what you wish for Rat cause it could be your little lady asking the ques. :laughing:
gift certificates sounds good. cant have enough decoys though some taylor dekes would be nice.
I think that the cabelas or where ever he buys his gear fom would be best. :thumbsup:
Get him a case of shotgun shells. You just can' have enough ammo. Maybe a clay pigeon slinger and a case of clays. Gift cards are always good. If there is a shooting range nearby, you can buy him a round of sporting clays or something like that. :salude:
Tickets to a NASCAR race would be great if he's into that...

It's probably more than you want to spend, but some racetracks have the Richard Petty Driving Experience, and as I recall the Rookie Experience (you get to drive a racecar at 150 mph for 8 laps) is about $300. I got that for my husband once, and he loved it. Look at

Come on guys, think of something besides gift cards! We wives only like to do that if we absolutely can't think of anything else. Think of the best gifts you have ever gotten in the $100-200 range.
Guided hunt
Satalite radio
Game Cam
High end duck call
Belly boat
Fishing trip
Rain gear

DANG! I could go on forever :thumbsup:
Talk to one of his good friends. I had a guy tell my wife to buy me a knight and hale inline muzzle loader, nickle plated and all. When what I really wanted was a flintlock old style kentucky rifle. Lucky she did not go through with it.

Make sure you ask them what your man might want and not what They want. If you can not decide a certificate from Cabelas or bass pro is a good way to go.
Oh Rat I'm sure he would just love that. I think I'll do that. lmao.
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