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Fausti shotguns???

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I'm new to this forum, and would appreciate any wisdom that can be offered. I came across a couple of shotguns the other day, belonging to an old shipyard worker that lives across the street from me. He doesn't have any idea of their worth and neither do I. They are in great condition and don't look like they have been used at all. Most of the print on the guns is in Italian and I don't speak the language. All I can tell is the manufacturer is Fausti, a brand I'm not familiar with. Both guns are identical over\unders and have beautiful dark wood stocks and engraving on the action and forearm. Any information on not only the value, but quality and performance of the guns would be greatly appriciated. Thanks.
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A decent O/U shotgun for the price. I paid $499 for mine at Walmart a few years ago. Solid, robust and definately worth the money.

The current Fausti Stefano's are imported by Traditions Firearms. Fausti also has a website I saw a while back. I think they've been in the business since the 60's if my memory serves me correctly.

If the shotgun is written in Italian, it was probably before Traditions starting importing them (thats a guess).......
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