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Which one?

I have blown both the SS-1 and SS-2. Here are my thoughts but keep in mind I am no pro and may blow totaly different than you.

The SS-1 is a little higher pitched call and is very back pressure sensative. At first blow the SS-1 was very difficult for me and requires a ton of air. Once I got the back pressure down it wasn't so hard but it still takes a lot to get it singing. I can get it to go high and fast and fairly low and slow. IMO it really likes to be run on the higher notes, not so much on low clucks and moans. I am buying one because I think it will be perfect for lessers and the smaller canadas we have around here.

The SS-2 is IMO an awesome call. The longer barrel makes it much less back pressure sensative and easier to control. It seems like it takes less air to run than the SS-1. I really like the call and think it will make every necesarry sound for calling canadas. It can do a good job on everything from low moans to high fast spits and greating calls. IMO it is a very good call and will also soon be on my lanyard. More than likely it will be seeing more time in hand than the SS-1.

If I were you I would try and blow both of them before buying.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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