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Finally got an actual jon boat

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It's a 1448, been looking for one for years. Priced one out new and it was over $4500, I got one for less than that but with some extras I don't need. My question is this, it came with a 25hp Mercury SS 4 stroke outboard, I think it might be a 2015, very low hours. I'm wondering what it's worth, if I should try to sell on my own or just go to a boat shop so I don't have to store it until spring (hard to sell in the fall). Outboard prices seem to be all over the place and I'm not sure if there's a shortage like there is with used cars and a bunch of other stuff.

Planning to paint with stencils before the season starts. I'll have to take some before and after pics.
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Find the post on here ABOUT HOW TO PAINT A SHOTGUN or something like that. It looks so much better than the stencil, more natural . Much more simple to do and to touch up as well.
Have fun.
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