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Flat River Impoundment

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I'll be hunting there tomorrow for the first time with a few buddies. Do they have blinds set up?

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Can't remember for certain...but what did you see when you scouted?
Wings Cupped...not sure exactly where to start with my reply.

Okay, I'll start here. First, you're not new here. You joined way back in 2007. You ought to do more posting instead of lurking. People really are not that bad here compared to some of the other sites.

Second, my reply to Kevin was not meant to be assholish as you implied, and I didn't intend to bite his head off. Kevin, if I did, I'm sorry. It was an honest answer and a good question back to Kevin. I don't recall if there are blinds in that place or not. Having hunted many places, I tend to forget what is I have to refer to my hunting log book which details the details...including what I see when I go out and S C O U T.

Again, sorry if I hurt your was not my intention. At least I didn't provide you with any wrong information...
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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