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Flat River Impoundment

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I'll be hunting there tomorrow for the first time with a few buddies. Do they have blinds set up?

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Hey kevin, call the NCWRC, and tell them the info you are looking for concerning that specific gameland. They will point you in the direction of the C.O. or Wildlife biologist for that area. These guys can be very helpful if you can get through to them. I spoke to one a few months back that was glad to talk with me, and gave me some great information.

Also take the time to introduce yourself to the board. There are a great group of guys around this board that are worth getting to know.

WingsCupped said:
I visit quite regularly and wonder why there are never many new threads started.
Nothing to talk about on my end when the hunting sucks, and I post questions more when I'm prepping for the season. I'm getting out a few more times, but I'm starting to get into the fly-fishing mindset.

WingsCupped said:
It's unfortunate that 99% of the "introductions" on this board are of the wise-*** variety. Damn shame.
Never saw an introduction from him. :huh:
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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