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I just purchased a half dozen to see how they would work in the spread. The three guys I guided for last weekend kept saying things like, "Wow, those six look like six geese that landed in a pile of decoys!" All of my other full bodies are big foots. They put these to shame. From a durability standpoint, I see Big Foots being more durable, think I am going to buy the flocking kit and do all of them. One downfall to the heads is in the rain and mud, the flocking gets dirty and is hard to clean. However, the paint job on these Avery coy's is exceptional as well. They really look and appear to be real. Be carefull when you buy them, as I purchased the life size ones thinking I was getting the ones with the giant heads and necks. Plus they packaged the heads wrong, I did not get the different style heads that it said on the box. Open each box of six and the store to make sure.

My overall rating is good. They look so real, I think it honestly it made a difference to our hunt last weekend.

Jeff Herrick
Wings Gone Wild, LLC
Neenah, WI

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I did not want to hear about the avery decoys. I feel that avery's new full bodies do not even compare to big foots. They will not hold up like foots do. I need a decoy that can take abuse. I wrote this post to find out some info on the flocked heads that avery makes for the big foot decoys.

If you are looking for an awesome looking decoy buy hardcores! :thumbsup:

GUIDES SUCK :hammering: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:
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