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flooding on the wabash

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i went to see what hte flooding did to the wabash down at the mouth yesterday and it took its toll at mackey bend there are two new islands it washed a ditch 150 or 200 yards wide by 30 or 50 yards deep for more tyhan a mile down there we only made it to thumperkeg island and no farther real devistating
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don my very good friend and duck hunting partner works for our local barge service he said the the dredge is going right now but nhe said that after it makes a pass when it turn to make another his last pass is all ready full of sand again i guess its all the sand in the wabash coming out as for the new channel when we went down there we didn't go all the way to fish slew i think thats where its flowing through but not sure we went to i think its called hickory or walnut ridge slew sure is a mess
don i too have had good luck there but i now hunt different areas that arent quite so crowded i think it will only in prove the area but if the farmers cant get there to plant crops it might not be good might make a good nesting habitat
hey don i think if you farm river bottoms you have to have money :wink:
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