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flooding on the wabash

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i went to see what hte flooding did to the wabash down at the mouth yesterday and it took its toll at mackey bend there are two new islands it washed a ditch 150 or 200 yards wide by 30 or 50 yards deep for more tyhan a mile down there we only made it to thumperkeg island and no farther real devistating
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Talked to a guy today at the Posey County Extension Office who went down there to shoot some pictures. According to him the ditch you referred to may become (if it hasn't already) the new river channel and Mackey Bend an island, for now and a possible Oxbow in the future. He said the Army Corp is scheduled to take a look at it too. I'm planning on making a run down there this weekend in the boat and seeing it for myself. The silt from the Wabash has closed barge traffic on the Ohio until they can get the channel dredged back out. He claimed the "ditch" is all the way through to the bottom of the bend and has a swift current flowing through it. Give me some more details or advice if you have any.

I've hunted several times in Mackey Bend when the water was up and had success. I'm real curious what affect this change will have on the waterfowl hunting down there. Old river channels are fair game when you can access them by boat, so there may be some good to come out of this in the long run. Of course, you would still be trespassing any time you got out of the old channel. Everyone has to protect their leases.
The farmer with the deepest pockets down there will invest in a ferry/barge set-up and end up farming the majority of the ground. Some of it may end up in the WRP too. The biggest losers were the ones who owned the ground that is now the new channel.
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