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Foiles SMH or Zink MM?

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I've got it down to the Foiles Strait Meat Honker, and the Zink Money maker. I want all pro and cons of both calls before i spend $150 on a call. All opinoins are greatly appreciated.
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I have both the mm and the smh.

I agree with brent. The money maker hits the high notes with ease. The smh is much easier to control down low. The money maker will break on a dime and if you are not careful on the moans, the call will break into a cluck before you know it.

If you have the time to become proficient with the money maker it is the way to go. Eventually you can get a smh to mess around with. Both are good calls.

When practicing with other calls during the off season and picking up the money you forget how easy the mm breaks and have to step back for a second.

Good Luck.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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