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For Sale: Stearns Camo Motor Cover

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The cover is new in the box and will fit 15 to 45 horse outboards down close to the cavitation plate. It is in Advantage Wetlands and I'd like $15 plus shipping or will trade for the new DC dvd or the Echo dvd.

This cover is very, very similar if not the exact one.

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Son of Gun.... too bad I did not see that quick enough Caleb as I am looking for one that "disappeared" last year.

A tip with this model, open the end seem at the very bottom and push in lead straps used for decoys into the seem, and resew the end. It holds it in place when windy out, works like a charm... :thumbsup:
Yeah, it wasn't up very long on another site before somebody sent me an e-mail. I'll keep you in mind if he doesn't come through. :thumbsup:
Alan, I just remembered I have another cover sitting around that I don't need since I'm either Camoclading it or buying another cowling to paint. It's what I call the "shower cap" style that covers just the cowling. Not sure what size you need, but it fits big on my 50 horse and would probably cover up to a 90 horse. Oh, it's in shadowgrass, but is a little faded.
Thanks for the offer Cableb of the shower cap camo- but I need a long one that extends to the water line like the Stearns is as my motor is unpainted.
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