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** For You #2 Shooters **

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Got to looking around after some of the discussions and found this. These would be the shells I would be shooting if I was going to shoot #2.

3" Shell - 1550fps - 1 3/8oz - #2 thru BB - $99 per case.

This is about the same shell that I shoot out of my reloads. Carries great speed and a very good pay load. Their web page is listed below, and look in the Custom/Factory Shell Section.

They run some very nice custom shells, and use the same recipes that reloaders are using. Usually cost a couple dollars more a box, but the ballistics are better than you store bought shells.

But this Kent Shell is very nice. If I had a Gun Shop in the area, I would see if they could get this shell in #4's. It would be a awesome load in #4. cooter

PS: Buy Shells when you have the best selection, not just before the season.
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