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Force? No Force?

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There seems to be a lot of discussions here and elsewhere about force fetching. I know the drill and don't have a problem with the technique but wonder why you would use it on a dog that you can get the same results with not using it. Now I'm not a field trial guy just an average hunter who has trained my own dogs. Some I have force fetched others, including my present dog, I have not because frankly these dogs do exactly the same things a force fetched dog will do without the extra step. I will say that I have the luxury of having my dogs with me alot so every day is a training session of some sort. I'm sure the pro trainers have decided that this is a way to guarantee that a dog will be as close to bulletproof as possible in a trial situation and maybe it shortens the training process buy I think it is redundant on certain dogs. Just wondered what everyone thinks.

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I would read or watch a few videos on force fetch and then go from there. Do you use an e collar---If so I would watch the videos geared toward teaching the method with the collar.

As far as why you would force fetch a dog---

I would say that right now your dog does it because he wants to. What happens when you send your dog for some type of bird that eh does not agree with---Most dogs have problems with dove(because of the ammount of feathers that come off)

Now you are out at a dove field with a dog that wont retrieve your birds. You could try a harsh correction, but more than likely that wont do it---Then you get into the trials and testing where pointing dogs are expected to do 20min water searches.

So I would say that if you are the casual hunter that doesnt trail the dog and is happy with the delievery and blind retireves of your dog then there probally isnt a reason to force fetch the dog. I would say that you are one lucky person to have two dogs that do everything perfect.
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I would think that there far to many benifits to FF a dog rather than leaving it to chance.

Could not have said it better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:
Steve makes a good point---To say that all dogs can be trained off any one method is rediculous. Every dog is different you need to do what works for both you and him.
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