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Force? No Force?

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There seems to be a lot of discussions here and elsewhere about force fetching. I know the drill and don't have a problem with the technique but wonder why you would use it on a dog that you can get the same results with not using it. Now I'm not a field trial guy just an average hunter who has trained my own dogs. Some I have force fetched others, including my present dog, I have not because frankly these dogs do exactly the same things a force fetched dog will do without the extra step. I will say that I have the luxury of having my dogs with me alot so every day is a training session of some sort. I'm sure the pro trainers have decided that this is a way to guarantee that a dog will be as close to bulletproof as possible in a trial situation and maybe it shortens the training process buy I think it is redundant on certain dogs. Just wondered what everyone thinks.

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I agree with that. The reason I bring this up is that it seems to be the standard answer to every dog training question, although not as much here as some other places, and frankly just dosen't make much sense. I'm not saying it's wrong I just think it's a case of follow the leader right wrong or indifferent.
Hey Brian I completely agree with you. If you have a dog that is getting sloppy in their retrieves FF is the drill. My two labs have just not had the problem, if anything I've had to work harder on the drop or leave it command. I probably forget (odd) that not all the dogs I've hunted with over the years made perfect retrieves all the time.

There are lots of videos and books out there. I think "The 10 minute retriever" by James and Amy Dahl is a pretty good resource. I'm sure there are others as well. Good luck with your dog.
I didn't say they did everything perfect mfetter, what I did say was that they will pick up everything I ask them to and will hunt for a cripple or mark untill called off. I did not force fetch these dogs at least in the manner that we are discussing here. Also I've spent hundreds of hours with these dogs, that makes a big difference. Believe me these dogs are not perfect but they understand what I expect of them.
I'm going to change my screen name to "The Dog Whisperer" :smile: :thumbsup:
I was kind of being just a little tounge in cheek there.And I agree you have it right. I love this forum where you can kind of hash these things out because there are things to be learned on both sides and the day I quit learning you guys are gonna have a long way to travel for the wake. :smile:
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