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Force? No Force?

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There seems to be a lot of discussions here and elsewhere about force fetching. I know the drill and don't have a problem with the technique but wonder why you would use it on a dog that you can get the same results with not using it. Now I'm not a field trial guy just an average hunter who has trained my own dogs. Some I have force fetched others, including my present dog, I have not because frankly these dogs do exactly the same things a force fetched dog will do without the extra step. I will say that I have the luxury of having my dogs with me alot so every day is a training session of some sort. I'm sure the pro trainers have decided that this is a way to guarantee that a dog will be as close to bulletproof as possible in a trial situation and maybe it shortens the training process buy I think it is redundant on certain dogs. Just wondered what everyone thinks.

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I think that force fetching didn't used to be a must in most hunting dogs. These days, it is harder and harder to find a true hunting bread dog. This is why force fetching is becomming more common. Force training also sets a base of advanced OB training which is going to be needed as you start the line casting etc....

This is the way I look at force training. It is simply teaching the dog that it feels good to put the bird in his mouth, bring it to me and deliver it to my hand. When done correct most dogs become more excited as they retrieve because it seems more rewarding to them...


gps- good point on the pressure. Its about knowing your dog. My chessie won't even respond to a ecollar with the longer contacts unless it is on 3 or 4. With that said he has to truly understand what he did wrong for you to discipline him. I had him confused one day, he sat down in the middle of the field and would not budge. He "locked" up. I only confused him that bad one time. You really have to know your dog and be able to read them well....

1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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