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One of my favorite ways to cook ducks or geese is to take bacon and lay it in a skillet lining the bottom of the pan and then take breasts, legs, gizzards, and hearts and lightly season them and lay them on top of the bacon then i take and put another layer of bacon on top of the meat and take about half an onion and cut it up and put that on top of the bacon and meat then i put a half a cup of water or so in it to get it started cooking and cook it really slow on a low temperature just to were it simmers keeping it covered cooking it for an hour and a half for wood ducks two hours for mallards and 2-3hours on geese depending how old the bird is keeping an eye on it off and on to make sure it doesnt go dry you may have to add water about the last fifteen minutes or so i turn it up a little bit and uncover it to kind of lock in the flavor when it is done you can take out the meat and turn the heat up and fry the bacon a little bit the key to cooking this way is to not get it cooking to fast and all of this is done on the stove top I think you will enjoy it this way i have two boys that are six and seven and they love it and as you all know kids can have a hard time eating duck and goose (especially if it isnt cooked properly)
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