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Hello everyone,
Well I am going to bite the bullet and go for a semi auto this year for ALL hunting and clay pigeons. Swore I would never own another one after my POS Remington 1100, but I have the bug again. Anyone have any dealings with the Franchi 912? Nice looking guns with great fit and finish. Can get the 912 Max 4 camo, with a 28" barrell brand new from the gun shop I frequent for $670 with the hard case and chokes. Having never shot or been around any Franchi's I am just curious what you guys that own them think.
And before anyone suggests other models: I won't own remingtons or winchesters, benelli's and berettas are a little outta my price range, and the Mossberg 935 isn't chambered for 2 3/4" shells.
Thanks a bunch for any insight,
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