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Free Dog Delema

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A buddy of mine has some pure bred labrador puppies he wants to get rid of and they are out of hunting stock, he has offered one, my choice, to me for free but I know the wife would kill me or at least maim me and I have three dogs now. The house dog, my rabbit hound, and my black lab.
Two of the pups are yellow and the rest are black he kind of wants me to take one of the yellow pups Male or Female. My black lab is a 2yr old female. What would you guys do?

PS. My hound is 14 yrs old and probably won't be around too much longer :thumbsdown:
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Oh man that is tough. I started laying the groundwork for another pup about two years ahead of time. Since he has the pups ready the only option you have is a frontal assault. I'd grab the yellow male tuck him under your arm and coming strolling in the house and show your bride. Women are much less likely to cause you grave physical injury if you are holding a puppy or a child. They kind of work on the woman's maternal instincts and soften them up a bit. And if she gets too rough on you I have a spare room you are welcome to use. :thumbsup:
I'll pay the way -------send him to me! Not married so no wifey to worry about. My girlfriend keeps finding dog available ads for me so my "pup will have a friend". Of course if you give me the option I'll take the female! Good Luck!!!!!!
G Wile, all depends on if you've got time to work with the pup and not take away from the one you have. Handling two dogs in the field is more than I can handle. Me. I couldn't do it. wouldn't be fair to my current dog nor the new pup
I would love to have another lab, but right now I don't really have the proper time that the dog would deserve for training. Plus my lab I have now is such a jealous creep about another dog being around. He thinks he's getting traded in or something
Greg you know what it's like having more than one dog. So the determining whether or not you can handle that is not as big of a deal as convincing your wife.

When I got my female, my dad really didn't want a dog at the time. My mom went with me and I got my first shorthair, and we brought it home and laid it right on my dad's chest. He immediately fell in love with her.

The second dog was kinda the same situation you are in. I got him free due to a car accident. I wanted him at the time, but looking back on it, I probably wouldn't have taken him. I just don't give him as much time as my female. Saying that, I still give him at least 20 minutes a day, but it's definitely not equal.
Thanks for the advice. I know that I should let the pup go but it is a hard thing to do.And You guys are right about the time needed to work with both dogs as the 2yr old still needs work on her training as do I on my education on training a retreiver. I guess I will pass on the pup and work with what I have untill she is around 7yrs old the start a new dog.
Well I guess the pup will be mine registered checked needled and micro chipped. And all he wants from me is for me to have her bred to his chocolate male when she is old enough and he will take one of the pups as payment. Its just too good a deal to turn down. Now I have to build a kennel, Oh well the price one must pay for something free. :laughing:
There is always room for one more.
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good luck to you and your new dog! :thumbsup: [/b]
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