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Free hunt in Central IL, just bring your experience

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Well all, I am a new member here and have really been enjoying your posts and the topics. Anyways, I hunt everything, and really love waterfowl hunting but am fairly new to it all. I started hunting for ducks/geese about 3 years ago and am finally starting to get really serious for it, it is fast becoming my favorite hunting.

I have two fairly good places to hunt in central Illinois and all I am asking is for people to come and join me and show me tips/ and the ropes. One place is all fields but it is spitting distance from Snake Den Hollow wildlife preserve. The other is near Beardstown Illinois and it is all strip mine lakes.

Anyone interested?
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Man you have no idea!!!!

But unfortunatly, I would be no help, I am in the same boat yer in.....I am a noob of about 3 years, but am just getting "serious" about it!

Good luck though!!!!
Well Stouff,

If you are ever down my way let me know I would love to get together. We can make fools of ourselves together ya know!

Two idiots in the water chasing ducks are always funnier than 1.

im from macomb and have been hunting about 6 years. Ive got over 100 duck decoys, 75 fullbodies and shells and a good lab. Ive also got acouple places around here to hunt. I'm no expert but i'm sure we can kill some ducks.
liv2hunt said:
Two idiots in the water chasing ducks are always funnier than 1.

Aint that the truth! :salude:

But I think y'd be better off w/ duckaholic_16p...

But if I am ever down there.....I will be sure to send you an Email!! :thumbsup:
I live in Bloomington now, up from South Louisiana. I have been duck and goose hunting for 15 years now. Have a great club on the IL River south of Havana. Maybe we can swap hunts or something.
Do you have a guy named Bruce in your club from Danvers?
Im from centerpoint IN.I have a good choc and plenty of decoys and a couple of buddies that like me eat sleep and breath for duck hunting.We dont know everything but Im sure you would learn somthing and we would to.We have alot of ponds lakes and sloughs to hunt here maybe we could get together and kill some ducks and some geese.
liv2hunt if u are ever in the area of aberdeen/bath south dakota looking for some goose hunting, let me know i have been at it for bout 4 yrs, but in the last couple i have learned lots of stuff off here and nodakoutdoors.
Freeport Illinois has a nice hunt club. They also offer great support.
Well I'm about the same as most here. I've been at it for three years, and am hooked. I live outside of Pekin and hunt the public ground down by Banner and Rice. Still trying to learn the tricks of the trade, but it gets better every season. Drop me a line.

Good Luck
Have you gotten the help you need? I have been duck hunting for 39 years now. We have had blinds on the Mississippi river for years. I have also field hunted for ducks & geese using Final Approach blinds very sucessfuly.
This year I had to give up our blind on the river because of major back surgery. I am the only young guy in our group. The 3 others are retired Oldtimers. Blind building is not a good idea for 60 & 70 year olds. I still don't know if I will be able to hunt this year, but I can sure try to help you out if I can. Email me if you want & I will see if I can help.
Good Luck,
Ralph, AKA 2footroper
[email protected]
i may be young but i have some experience under my belt. Im only 19 but have been hunting ducks and geese since i was 9. I have also been tagging along with my dad since i was 6, so in any case, im used to the whole waterfowl feel. I have 150 duck decoys and have 6 dozen goose shells with only 10 full bodies, but then again, i have access to another 6 dozen bigfoots. I currently live in bloomington but i am always making the trip to hunt with my uncle at the sanganois. I have some feilds outside of lake bloomington if yall want to come.
Well, I'm on south of ya but I'm always up for a hunt anywhere. Been at the game for ten years this season, and every year I get more sick with it. I can't promise ya the secret of life but if we're on the X I can act like I got em to come! LOL
Seriously man if ya want some company or if ya ever make it down here drop me a line and we'll see what we can work out.
In any case good luck this season!
awesome man, ill keep that in mind.
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