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Friday the 17

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Had to forego a return to the river where I did so well on Monday (ice!)....went to tidal water with Cub and BobB......we set up on a point with a couple dozen mallard and Black dekes, with another 20 BF and GHG canadas....action started early with me taking a banded drake....and ended with BobB taking another banded drake - only 18 notches higher than mine - shot about 8 hours apart!

We ended up having some excellent shots and opportunities during the peak tides, had a few misses, dog got good work, lot's of laughs and just a grand time.

End count for the day was 8 mallards, 1 black and a Canada.

The goose was actually a bonus...I had gone in search of Cub's thermos, and couldn't find it......started drifting back to our hide with the wind and current, in the sneak boat, and a loner came along for an easy 20 yarder!

Went to CT for the weekend so didn't get out agasin up here...will be headed out on Tuesday I think.

Hope everyone else got some action in on the weekend!
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Congrats on the birds,especially the banded one! :thumbsup: Sounds like you guys had a good day.

Haven't been out myself for a while,got a few things that needed doing,including getting the wife off to Wash state for the holidays,shopping around for a new truck and taking care of Solo(he pulled a muscle in his shoulder).I'll be out on Christmas eve and Christmas day to finish the season in Maine,meanwhile I started painting again.Forgot how much I liked doing it!Got a couple almost done,not the same as bagging the real thing but it they look good all the same. :smile:
Sounds like you had a good shoot ! Congratulations on the banded birds let us know when you get the info back from the feds. I myself could not get out Saturday had to do some x-mas shopping as I have been putting it off and it now caught up with me. I'll head out Christmas Eve
but I could not convince the family to let me go Christmas morning.
thanks guys....called in the number this morning...."DOG", let's try to get out again between the holidays in NH!!!!! I am not going tomorrow (icy even the brackinsh water, and cold) but will be out on Wed and Thursday....will try to get Code3 to go with me Thursday....would you like to go with us - if I can get him - or with me? Tide will be mid morning so I expect to find some action...may want to try out on the Bay! I'll use Wed as a hunt/scout trip and think I'll try down on Great Bay.
Thanks for the invite but thursday is a work day,let me know how it goes.I'll be out on friday Christmas eve and sat Christmas day,I got the house to myself for two weeks and I don't have to stay around if I don't want to!Next week is wide open so hunting NH sounds great!
Good luck on the Bay!
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