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Frozen Ponds

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how do you keep ponds from freezing over?????
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i dont think you can. why do you want to?
Many ways. Get the thing that the farmers use to keep it open for their cattle. Its windpowered and kinda looks like a windmill.

Me and my buddy were gonna rig up 3 bilge pumps you can buy at walmart for $20 a piece to some old canada floaters. We were gonna power them off of cheap car batteries. We figured that since they can each push 750 gallons per hour that with 3 of them we should be able to keep our water open. Just make sure they are made to be run continously or rig a timer to them. We haven't got around to making them yet.

Large pump with a power source. Pull the warmer water from the bottom of the pond to the surface and keep it from freezing that way.

Get an old chainsaw with no bar oil in it (don't want to leave an oil slick) and cut you a hole. We do it on the marsh and if the ducks are flying by and everything else is frozen up you will kill ducks so fast it will make your head spin.
the chainsaw idea works. 3 of us got out in the hole early one mornin, each with a chainsaw and went to work. Everybody else was froze solid and we had our limit very shortly. :salude:
there is a thing made for this its called an ice eater.
I've seen those at Final Flight. I'd like to get a hold of one but at that price, I think I'll just keep bustin ice.
moving water cant get anything in ur reach that will keep the water circulating....
I just recently added a Herters twin turbo swimmer to my spread and it keeps the water moving enough so it worn't freeze back over. I think I'm gonna get a few more, I think it would help out a lot. Another thing that I have seen work pretty good is a Mojo Wobble Duck. Puts out some pretty good ripples that will keep the water thawed. :salude:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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