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Yep, tried them. They are probably laying around here somewhere too. I liked the theory behind them, but here are the downsides that are not glaring until you have them in hand,

Set-up time is doubled or more. Not a problem if you are able to spring out of bed easier than I can. Larger spreads would really feel like a chore by the end of it all.

The screw used to lock the keel/stake is made of plastic and I busted or lost three of them in as many outings. Also, you must carry a screw driver in order to keep the things tight, I am lucky to remember my own gun at 4 am let alone a screw driver.

Folding and tucking is easy in early season, add a bit of rain, a driving wind and a bit of sleet and you will want to cut the bottoms off and use them as silhouettes. Not as cold hand friendly as normal decoys.

Having said all that, I really did like the idea behind them. With some practice I believe a guy could do well with them. And the plactic adj. screw has to go! I just plain got upset with them and moved on/back to traditional decoys.

my $0.02
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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