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Funny Stories?

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Just wanted to relay a funny story from last season. Where my buddies and I hunt on the Connecticut river, the action slows down from about 9:30 until 11:00 in the am. While standing there during the slow time, one of my friends decided to wake up another of the guys, (who fell asleep standing up), by throwing a cattail at him. Well, when it hit him it exploded and covered him with fuzz. His retaliation soon sparked an all out cattail war the lasted for at least 15 minutes. When all was said and done, we were all covered from head to toe in cattail fuzz and grinning from ear to ear. We still laugh about it from time to time over beers. Just wanted to share our humor and ask if anyone else had a funny story to tell.
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Years ago, we went teal hunting and had the normal experience where we spend more time swatting mosquitoes than hunting ducks.

As often happens, we heard the teal before we saw them. We raised up, managed to zero in on them and dropped a pair. Well, to call it a pair is a bit generous. It was a teal and a half. One was very small. No doubt it just got its flight feathers that morning.

Well, my friend giant chessy named Amigo, hits the water, brings one back, drops it and repeats. Very nice.

While we were swatting more mosquitoes I noticed the dog licking and kind of mouthing the small teal. As soon as my friend moved toward the ducks to move them further away, the teal was gone. I kid you not, one giant swallow. Even as I watched it happen, it just didn't seem possible.

Well we laughed it off until about mid afternoon when Mr. Teal didn't settle to well. The dog had gas that could peel the paint off a car. After about 30 minutes of this punishment, we heard a horrible deep guttural sound, and Mr. Teal reappeared coming back up the way he went down. Let me tell you, a small bird hanging around in digestive juices all day is not a pretty sight. Both of us began gagging (and laughing at each other) as well as we tried to push the nasty mess out the door of the blind.

We didn't bring that one home.
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One of my hunting buddies got a chocolate lab 4 years ago. The first time we went phesant hunting I knew I was in trouble. My friend shot a rooster and Bullet retrived him nicley. I shot one and that dog found the only mud puddle in five countys to lay down in with my bird.

Ever since then that dog has not liked me one bit. Last weekend we went teal hunting and he crep around the blind and got into my bag. When I went to get my coffee cup I couldnt find it anywhere. After about ten minutes of blaming everyone else of taking my coffee, here comes Bullet with my cup in his mouth. Our first ducks of the morning came in and got both of them before I had a chance to shot. Bullet fetched them right up.
Next flock I was the only one to shot. Dropped two bluewings, wich my friend Bullet refused to retrive.

To make a long story shot if I ever hunt with that dog again it will be to soon. :hammering:
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Ive actually got a couple of stories, Well ive got millions but ill tell these two.

ME and my buddy were dove hunting and on this particular trip we decided to bring a camera so af course we were nearly skunked wich is how it always is for us when we bring a camera. We shot 2 doves 1 each my pal shot the first and laid it on the ground next to him thwn i shot mine and we walked out together to retrieve it, well when we got back to the sage brush we were standing in we found my friends beautiful britney spaniel with a nice grin full of dove feathers! and mind you this was a picky dog so it just breasted the dove and left the rest. Well we had the last laugh because that was one sick puppy for the next few days :laughing: .

This next story took place a few years ago during the early canada goose opener i was hunting in a green bean filled supposedly loaded with geese as my friend the owner told me. Well i toughted it out and held patient from 5:30 a.m. till about 4p.m. well i finally got tired and packed up and on the way back in the front of the field i see peeking over the ridge of a little draw the heads of about 12 canadas. i got a little excited because they hadnt seen me yet. so i hit the dirt and began the army crawl to see if i could get close enought to jump shoot (wich is a rare occurence feild hunting for geese) when out of the corner of my eye i see a flash and its a coyote charging my geese! those birds were gone in a minute and the dang yote never got close enough for me to shoot him! so just layed there for a while contemplating the gray hairs this hunt was gonna cause me. :toofunny:
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This didn't happen while I was duck hunting but while I was turkey hunting. I had a first time hunter and her dad with me. My little brother had already tagged out so he was video taping the hunt. We spot some gobblers on land we couldn't hunt, so we set up about 150 yards away on land we could hunt. My little brother and I started calling, and after about an hour we convinced 2 toms to cross the 5 wire fence and come join us. They make it about 120 yards and I can see them and they are in range for my gun, but they need to walk around a clump of trees for her to get a shot. Then suddenly they vanish. I was wondering what we had done when the dad said "Look at the coyotes!" We had a coyote charging the jake decoy. More coyotes come out of the trees, 5 in all. We couldn't shoot them cause there were still turkeys in the field, but that hunt is something that little girl will never forget.
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