Buy 3 six packs get free shipping!! These words are music to all waterfowlers' ears. G+H Canada Goose Weather Vane Decoys are the ticket for realism in the field. Simple to set up, light for travel, and they move with the slightest wind always realigning themselves. No more days of getting up and moving the entire spread when the wind decides to play tricks on you.

The Canada Goose Weather Vane Decoys offer a realistic paint scheme, toughness G+H is known for, and are made proudly in America. Choose from 30" magnum feeders, standard 25" variety pack(3 pack/free shipping), or standard 25" feeders(3 pack/free shipping). You won't find a more reliable and tough decoy for Canada goose hunting.

At G+H we also carry snow goose decoys. When you are out snow goose hunting you want decoys that are light, fast to set up, and offer a lot of movement to replicate feeding birds. Our Snow Goose Weather Vane Decoys are all of that and more!

The same can be said when duck hunting with our Mallard Weather Vane Decoys. Mallards are constantly moving side to side when feeding heavy in fields. Our decoys will trick the wariest of ducks and decoy them in your face for feet-down shooting.

So don't wait. We have your duck and goose hunting needs covered with our new Weather Vane Decoys.To place an order go to