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Geese still coming through

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Well if there are any of you who don't mind lying in a frozen cornfield for just three Geese there are more coming your way. I thought I saw the last of the Geese weeks ago, but I was wrong. I kept seeing flock after flock heading south throughout the day today. Good luck and try to keep from freezing. Three Geese that sucks I'm sorry.
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870,we hunted a river today that was just loaded with geese,they were coming in all day long
870 ,We were back on the same river today,Had to fight a pounding snow and alot of other problems but hammred the geese today .The ducks did not want to play nice today,only 3 for the day. :sad: .I am seeing a bigger boat in my future ,something scarry about trying to navigate a swift river this time of year with 2 hunter,2 dogs and all our gear in a canoe is just not fun any more.
870 ,the canoe belongs to the guy I have been hunting with the last few days.I will tell you for sure I have not had a great feeling the last 2 days in that canoe that is for sure,and everything about it had this could turn bad in a hurry written all over it.Myself most of the time I hunt from a marsh/layout style boat.I would like to buy a 14'-16' boat with a blind on it before next year.I am thinking this would be ideal for late season hunting.
WK,you have knowen me for awhile ,and you know that I do alot of hunting from a kayak so I dont scare easy.The weather played some into the facter that I felt so uneasy about the conoe,along with the water being real swift.My hunting partner for the day was also some what new to waterfowling also and that add to the whole thing.It snowed 8'' in the five hours that we were out there also.870 I will send you a PM with my thought of what I am think might work for me as a boat.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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