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where are the canadian geese? does anyone know a site that tracks the migration?
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I dont know of any sites but i do a huge amount o goose bustin here in central VA, and early season w had great luck everymorning in corn fields. The past few months however birds are not landing in crop but in psture and big water. This week is the first week i have seen a lot of birds in a few of ny good holes since about a month ago so i think we are gonna hit them hard this thursday and get it while its good. Many migrators are just getting here!
honker said:
where are the canadian geese? does anyone know a site that tracks the migration?
is there one?
There all out here living on golf courses
they are in ontario ... some stay all winter, but there are large amounts comming thro now
a few on the golf cousre here too!
DU tracks ducks. I dunno about geese. Maybe we should start Goose U. I'd nominate randy as president. He's level headed. I wouldn't nominate Dude JCB as president. He'll tax us and not tell us where the geese are going to.
if you go to ducks unlimited website i tthink i remember there being a migration map on there
honker said:
where are the canadian geese? does anyone know a site that tracks the migration?
There are a bunch down here at Y-12 (the place where they made the A-bombs to bomb Japan). They're having a huge problem with them. I'm interning with a guy in their wildlife division and we go around addling eggs and doing yearly goose roundups.
DU has one from about Sept. 1 until the end of the season. It's a link on the main site. You can select ducks or light geese or dark geese. It depends on "in the field" reports from locals.
NC only gets a small % of migratory geese. Our geese come from the James Bay area.

The Southern James Bay Population (SJBP) of Canada geese nests along the southwestern shore of James Bay in Ontario and on Akimiski Island in James Bay, a portion of the Northwest Territories. Spring surveys on the breeding grounds indicate the population has fluctuated at a relatively low level, ranging from 77,345 in 1993 to 136,623 in 1999. No trend in population size is evident. On Akimiski Island, evidence from band recoveries suggests that mortality of young prior to the onset of the sport-hunting season has been high. There is also some suggestion that nesting habitats are being negatively impacted by rapidly expanding populations of staging snow geese. The Service and the Mississippi and Atlantic Flyway Councils remain concerned about the Southern James Bay population, and efforts to limit the harvest of this population will continue until a better understanding of the factors affecting population growth is obtained and population recovery is well under way.
We do have plenty of resident geese, and we do our best to exterminate as many as possible.
I hope that guy wasnt holding his breath for 4 years to get the question answered. :rofl:
buck_uncle...Why bring up this old post? took him a year to get one reply...and three for another question :rofl:

Do you people not look at dates?

for like 10 sec I was like uh' oh... why are guest allowed to post?....
i'll keep it going. Greenster, is that you in your new avatar?
buck_uncle said:
honker said:
where are the canadian geese? does anyone know a site that tracks the migration?
is there one?

We do have a Snow goose tracking forum though. And periodically in the fall I will post up of waterfowl migrations happening when I get a few tips from guys seeing them in the field. But no specific Canada goose migration forum here, sorry.

BTW, the DU site has a tracking forum, you may find it useful. :thumbsup:
that's funny you guys brought to life a 5 year old post. someone was digging deep into the archives to find this one!!!!!!!
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