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Goin to buy Gear tomarow!!!!

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Headin out in the morning to drop the hound off to get his hips OFA'd. Then i'm headin over to one of the largest duck hunting stores in the state of California.

It feels like i'm going huntin tomarow almost. Loaded up the truck. Headin out at 5 a.m. takes 2hrs to get to the vet for the OFA. Then drive another 20 mins to the store. The sale is 4 days long, with a duch comp on sat. and a goose comp on sun. I will also be heading up on sat. or maybe stay the night.

Lookin to buy a bunch of fast steel for $90 a case. #2. Also lookin to purchase a couple dozen dekes. probably some sprig, mallare, and throw in some spoonies for colar. :mrgreen: Also will be on the lookout for anything and everything that catches my eye. :help:
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Quackcephus said:
You'll be eattin' baloney for a month... have a blast & tell us what deals we missed!!! :salude:
don't i know it. I have been countin my pennies!

I am so excited, i can't even sleep! :getdown:
Ok guys, just got out of the truck from my 260 mile gear trip. The store is in modesto CA, it is called Auto life.

First of all the real reason i went, was to get ACE's hips OFA'd. The vet said everything looks great. :thumbsup:

So here's what i bought, (I am going back tomarrow, so this list might increase.)

8 Duck butts. GHG(I have been watching ducks a lot lately, When they are in something good, their butts are in the air.)

6 Spoonie dekes GHG(trying to add some color/white to my spread) besides our refuges get full of them towards the end of the season.

Weights and deke cord.

dog wistle and lanyard

2 cases (20 boxes) of 3" #3 KENT FASTSTEEL.

I think the only thing that i saved on was the shells, $89 a case. Most of the time they are around $120 a case. The dekes wern't priced any different than the different magazines that we all have, only difference is that you get to touch them and look them over. I wasn't in the market for waders, but they had some nice prices on them. I think some were like 20% off. Didn't even look at guns so i can't tell you what they were. I saw Buck Gardner there, he is doing a show or something this weekend. Duck calls were normally priced. No discounts (that i saw.) Buck might have some show prices.

Bullet, The cans looked awesome. I almost bought a six pack. I like the white on them, think they looked real nice. I think they were in oversized. But i'm not 100% on that. If i do go back tomarrow, i will take a closer look for you.

All in all great day. The real saving was with the dog. Hips OFA'd 3 vaccinations and a heartworm test for $213 american. My local vet quoted $550 for just the OFA :eek: .....Frikin Crooks.
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Oh i forgot. does anybody want to loan me about 10k??????????

They had some damn nice War Eagles there. :mrgreen:

Just pm me if you want my address or my account routing # :thumbsup:
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