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Goin to buy Gear tomarow!!!!

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Headin out in the morning to drop the hound off to get his hips OFA'd. Then i'm headin over to one of the largest duck hunting stores in the state of California.

It feels like i'm going huntin tomarow almost. Loaded up the truck. Headin out at 5 a.m. takes 2hrs to get to the vet for the OFA. Then drive another 20 mins to the store. The sale is 4 days long, with a duch comp on sat. and a goose comp on sun. I will also be heading up on sat. or maybe stay the night.

Lookin to buy a bunch of fast steel for $90 a case. #2. Also lookin to purchase a couple dozen dekes. probably some sprig, mallare, and throw in some spoonies for colar. :mrgreen: Also will be on the lookout for anything and everything that catches my eye. :help:
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I've been buying shells all spring/summer, box here and a box there. I'm waiting for my vacation to PA to buy a pair of waders at cabela's. Our stores up here are pretty lame when it comes to waterfowling equipement. Being in a waterfowling "hot spot" ya figure they'd stock everything imaginable for the 'fowlers

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