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good dog trainers or videos

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ok i got my dog now to train her for next year. Do u guys have any trainers i can call or dvd's i should buy i would really like some input if i could THANKS GUYS. :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
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I agree with verno. Smartworks is an excellent program. It takes you through step by step training you dog. It is the program that I followed. Evan Graham is the author & he does frequent some of the boards (here & the refuge dog forums) & will answer questions. There are books & DVDs that are sold seperately that compliment each other. You can buy each phase as your dog develops.

Right now the biggest thing to remember is NO MATTER WHAT LIMIT THE RETRIEVES TO 2-4 PER DAY (not all at once). Make them fun, stop before she does & keep her wanting to do more. It also helps if you make them short (5ft or less) & in a hallway for now.

The other major thing to do is to spend as much time as you can with her, you are in a major bonding time. She will bond with whom or what ever she spends the most time with. Take her on walks & as often as you can off leash in places like the river/bosque, or some open space & let her rome a little. Just keep an eye on her, but don't nag her about always being at your feet. No water until the water temps are 65-70.

Good luck & have fun. PM me with you ph# if you have more questions.

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