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I do it a little different than you folks.

I did the wader thing for a long time. Every kind.
Neo's don't hold up to abuse.
The origanals have all the dicomfort and walking promblems.

So I have developed a technique that would send most of you home early.

I don't use any thing.

I break ice in my tennies.

Launch from shallow shores in the scull boat.

Sucumb to the little puddle of ice water that gathers itslef in the bottom of the sculler as I'm laying down-wet back.

My wader is a sponge.

After a couple of hours sculling I'm soaked on the back side from my feet to my middle back.

Is it cold?

Hell yes.

But it simply does not matter.

I'm running the oar - and that keeps me warm enough.

With frozen feet and well wishes for you all,
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