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Jane Goodall has appealed to Prime Minister Paul Martin to pass the Bill against animal cruelty that has stalled three times in the Senate. Goodall has been quoted as saying " Animals have emotions sometimes similar, sometimes the same as ours". She says she'll testify in court about the "feelings" of baby seals killed in seal hunts. The Prime Minister is quoted as telling the press that he is "a huge fan, have been all my life. We very much want to see that legislation passed. That bill is very important and we're not prepared to comprmise on the fundamental principles of the bill." The Commons has passed the bill three times but it has been stalled in the Senate each time over concerns that it goes too far. If passed the bill would raise the penalty for causing "unnecessary pain and suffering or injury to an animal" from a $2,000 fine and six months in jail to a $10,000 fine, a five year sentence and a lifetime ban on owning animals. The real sticking point in the Senate is the creation of a new offence that outlaws the [u]"killing of an animal without a lawful excuse." [/u]This bill has high-profile support from animal welfare groups as well as the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies.

What does this mean to you as hunters and dog owners? You decide, I already have and will be writing to the Senate, the Commons, Prime Minister Martin, The Minister of Wildlife, and my MLA, to voice my concerns. This info was taken from the COHA Field News page 9 of the 2005 winter edition.

Keep the sport alive take a kid hunting / fishing.
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