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Goose Question

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So i got premission to hunt in a private cut corn field for some honkers. Lots of geese out on the field when i scouted it, so hopefully i will have some luck. Anyone have any tips on a makeshift or homemade layout blind. I have never hunted in a field before so any tips from some experienced guys are much appreicated. Thanks
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In a pinch when we had some extra guys coming with us this year that did not have blinds, they put down those big black contractor bags and dirtied them up a bit, covering em with corn stubble. Laying in line with the cornrows, they said it was pretty uncomfortable due to the frozen clumpy ground. They used grass mats from our duck boat like a blanket and brushed em in with a little extra stubble, but it you simply sprinkle field crud on yourself im sure it will work fine.

Good luck, unfortunately our fields get hit hard and heavy with every goose in the state soon as they are down, which means incredible shooting and rapidfire limits for the first couple weeks, then NOT A BIRD FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!! Your lucky to have em still coming
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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