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Goose Question

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So i got premission to hunt in a private cut corn field for some honkers. Lots of geese out on the field when i scouted it, so hopefully i will have some luck. Anyone have any tips on a makeshift or homemade layout blind. I have never hunted in a field before so any tips from some experienced guys are much appreicated. Thanks
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We have used a child's plastic sled to lay in. It keeps you out of the mud/dirt/snow. It works great for dragging you decoys out in the field. When you get there, pull some cornstalks on top of you BUT USE GLOVES. My buddy just got stitches from a cornstalk cutting his hand. Lastly, put a goose shell on top of your chest to break up your outline. Lastly, wear a face mack. From the air, nothing stands out more than your glowing face.
Good luck!
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