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Goose Question

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So i got premission to hunt in a private cut corn field for some honkers. Lots of geese out on the field when i scouted it, so hopefully i will have some luck. Anyone have any tips on a makeshift or homemade layout blind. I have never hunted in a field before so any tips from some experienced guys are much appreicated. Thanks
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Yea i was planning on wearing my waders as well... The exercise mat sounds like a good idea as well... I have some big camo colored sheets (not like bed sheets) that i normally use to camo the boat while duck hunting so i figure that would work just as good as burlap. Thanks for the tip.
I am pretty excited to get out in the field. My brother works real close to it and sees it everyday and says they are ALWAYS there feeding so hopefully they will hang out until i can get out there. I got premission from the farmer that owns the fields yesterday so i am going to try and get up there this coming week sometime... I will let you guys know how i do. Thanks Again...
Thanks for the offer but i am going to give it a go with the sled and burlap and some "field crud" and see how that works. Thanks anyway...
Tri fold beach chair sounds like a great idea... Doubt i will find one in wally world this time of year though and i dont have one around the house... i think some beach chair hunting is in order :yes: ... Thanks for the idea..
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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