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got a couple birds today

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shot a few ducks out on the bay, lost a couple unfortunately. also shot a snow goose earlier this morning, lucky i got it, all i had was 3 shot haha

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I think the biggest thing is that you put in the "haha" after you said you lost a couple. Everyone on here i'm sure has lost a couple I would just refrain from laughing about it. Kinda gets frowned upon. Good luck with future hunts.
DaneNorris said:
the f'n haha was about the snow goose you duche bags and all you negative a-holes need to go crap and spinn on your middle finger!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great hunt and i really hope you get back out and shoot the crap out of some birds....
If you'd have read this earlier (before he changed his original post, you can look at the bottom of his original post and it says last edited today)it had the "haha" after he said he lost a couple and now he's edited his first post so it doesn't show it anymore, so "duche bag" know the facts before you start saying sh!t. I wasn't being negative just trying to show the kid it get's frowned upon when you say "haha" after losing birds. Maybe ur the one that needs to spin on ur middle finger to relieve some tightness.
FeatherFanatic said:
I also agree with center we have all lost birds. Some times they just dissapear... But it was the haha that got me..

Happy huntin
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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