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got a couple birds today

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shot a few ducks out on the bay, lost a couple unfortunately. also shot a snow goose earlier this morning, lucky i got it, all i had was 3 shot haha

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terrellwa said:

I have gotten all 3 of my snowgeese and 1 canadian with 3 inch number 3's this year so great job. It seems sometimes in the bay ducks do get in the thick reeds sometimes I think you did your best to find them and I am sure the eagles had a great meal. It is great to see the young hunters out if you ever want to go out let me know we are pretty close to eachother I think.

Eagles devoured a downed snowgoose today (not one I shot, but some people I was watching) in a matter of minutes!! took more meat than I think a lot of hunters do.

I'm not sure I see a problem with losing birds if a person counts them towards their limit. (like when you trout fish with bait... even if you catch and release, they count towards your limit). The eagles and others out there will appreciate the meal.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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