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got a couple birds today

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shot a few ducks out on the bay, lost a couple unfortunately. also shot a snow goose earlier this morning, lucky i got it, all i had was 3 shot haha

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we had two highly trained dogs, the ducks get lost easily out there in the marshy part of the bay. im never happy about losing any birds. we looked our selves for an hour after we got done. im am a very ethical hunter in every way. so please dont think i am unethical for a couple ducks that hid themselves underwater from us. nothing you can do
centerpunch said:
Every hunter on here has lost a bird or two or he has not shot very many birds. Cut the kid some slack as the big water can be hell even for the best retreiver. Also remember that bird is not waisted as other wildlife will benefit from it. Its a life cycle.
thanks man, appreciate the help here. and you are truly right. we have an insane amount of eagles out here that devour snow geese while the dog tries to retrieve them. nothing goes to waste
goosegetter79 said:
I think the biggest thing is that you put in the "haha" after you said you lost a couple. Everyone on here i'm sure has lost a couple I would just refrain from laughing about it. Kinda gets frowned upon. Good luck with future hunts.
i tend to say haha to hide my embarassment. sorry i "offended so many people in the hunting society" give me a break here people. im quite positevely sure anyone who has hunted hard enough has lost a bird so please get over it
terrellwa said:

I have gotten all 3 of my snowgeese and 1 canadian with 3 inch number 3's this year so great job. It seems sometimes in the bay ducks do get in the thick reeds sometimes I think you did your best to find them and I am sure the eagles had a great meal. It is great to see the young hunters out if you ever want to go out let me know we are pretty close to eachother I think.

thank you, im glad someone like you understand how hunting in the bay is tough. i live in sedro-woolley.

and to the people arguing at eachother, please stop it. it is childish and uncalled for. i realized my mistake, and the people that agree with me know that stuff like that does not go to waste.
mrheythere said:
Nice job and congrats
thank you
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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