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Registration will be at the check station on Saturday prior to 8:00A or pre by contacting Phil Fischer (925) 827-7953 (days) / (925) 672-3475 (eve).
It is recommended that you bring gloves, waders or rubber boots if you've got em, hand tools like shovels etc.
There'll be a que lunch if after if interested, 7.50 adult / 5.00 child.
There's always games etc to keep the kids occupied and Bill Womack the Area Manager will speak - field questions.
If you've never been to one of these it can #1 be fulfilling giving something back and #2, if you're not familiar with the WA, give you a chance to check it out in the off season at a time other than 0dark30 and associate with folks that hunt it all the time.

Rel Atwood
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