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Heres a recipe i love. It takes a while to prepare but it is well worth the time.

You will need,

1. 1 whole large duck, or two medium.
2. 1 tub of whipped cream chese.
3. some fresh chives.
4. whole garlic clove or 2.
5. 1 can of water chestnuts.
6. 1 package of won ton wraps.

Start by boiling your duck untill There is little pink left. While the duck is boiling, get a big bowl and mix together cream cheese, diced chives,water chest nuts, fresh garlic cloves. After duck is boiled and cooled a little bit shred the duck. I use two forks to do the shredding. Add shredded duck to the bowl and mix well.
Take won ton wrap and put a dollop of the duck mixture in center. you will need to wet the edges of the wrap with water. Just wet your finger and wet the edges. Fold the edges together to make a seal. When you have a bunch of these you are set to go. You need to deep fry these tasty morsels for about 30 seconds or until they start to float. They will be golden brown. I have served these to people that dont like duck and they have loved em. I served them as appetisers at my last Super bowl party. They went faster than any of the other foods that i served... Enjoy :thumbsup:
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