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Greenhead Gear "Hot Buy" Weighted Keel Mallard Dec

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I seen some mallard decoys in a Cabala's magazeen for $25. 15" long, look pretty good. They are from greenhead gear. Anybody try these yet?
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Sure have... I own a doz. In the past they have had TONS of paint problems. Since then they've redone their paint and it holds up GREAT. I'd highly recomend these decoys.

I have some like that, and they were good until the paint started to chip, however, those were last years model. I believe they fixed the paint and are reliable now.
Seems like ALL the cheap decoys have had some paint :help: problems. I seen some knight and hale decoys at a wal-mart at benton kentucky that had the paint coming off them in the box !!! And i've seen the same thing on several others. I quess thats why i don't mind paying alittle extra for the G&H brand. :cool:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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