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Greetings from MI (Information sought on Multiple Duck Stamp Prints)

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Hello all. I'm selling a collection of Federal and State Duck Stamp Prints for a family friend. She has every Robert Steiner state and federal print from the 20th century from the first (1981) through 1999–50 in total. In addition, she has 9 other Steiner (non-stamp) prints, a Bruce Miller Fed Duck Stamp print, a Daniel Smith Fed Duck Stamp print, and 23 other wildlife prints. That's 84 wildlife prints in all.

I appreciate any help anyone here may have on finding out their value—with so many different editions, it's been tough to find out what they're worth. In addition, if anyone is/knows a collector, please send them my way.

She and her husband were wildlife enthusiasts, and personal friends of Robert Steiner's, so most of these are Governor's Remarque Editions (rarest edition) AND have inscriptions, which make them unique.

This is an excellent collection, and she has only decided to part with it because her husband passed away a few years ago, and now money has gotten tight. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
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@California Sprig, thanks. I have already reached out to Mr. Steiner, and am awaiting his reply.
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