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Outdoors almanac: Groups plot rally strategy
Doug Smith, Star Tribune
February 2, 2005 ONOT0202

A broad consortium of groups and concerned citizens gathered in Bloomington last week to plot strategy for the Duck, Wetlands and Clean Water rally scheduled April 2 at the State Capitol.

The groups also began developing a duck recovery plan, a plan to clean up lakes and rivers and a plan to restore wetlands and grasslands. Organizers will take both a short- and long-term approach to dealing with those problems.

"We'll have to work hard in the next 60 days," said Dave Zentner of Duluth, coordinator of the effort.

The gathering included conservation groups like Ducks Unlimited and Pheasants Forever, as well as environmental groups such as the Sierra Club and Minnesota Audubon.

Zentner, a longtime member of the Izaak Walton League, said he hopes the event will be a springboard for getting conservation and environmental groups in Minnesota working together for the betterment of the environment and wildlife.

"We know the rally is just the beginning; we've really got a potential convergence," said Zentner, a longtime conservation activist. "This is our chance to bring factions together."

The rally -- the brainchild of Star Tribune outdoors columnist Dennis Anderson -- is intended to spur policy changes to help clean the state's lakes and rivers, preserve and restore wetlands and save duck hunting in Minnesota.

The groups plans to set up an interactive Web site soon.
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